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How does vinyl compare with other home covering products?

Vinyl house siding is hands-down the most durable and lasting product you can use to cover your home. It adds lasting beauty which is easy to care for and works in all climates, no matter how extreme. It won't blister or lose its shape, and it never needs painting. It never rots, dents and insects do not eat it. Moreover, Broadview’s  premium vinyl house siding provides all the beauty of expensive wood sidings with your choice of smooth or grained surfaces; rich, low-gloss colors; and a variety of classic siding profiles.

What if there is a problem with my siding or the installation?

Broadview siding is backed by 2 warranties: a strong Lifetime Limited Warranty and an installation warranty. So you will be well protected.

How do I know which options to select with my siding?

To a large extent, this is a matter of taste and budget. Broadview offers a variety of types of siding and their collection includes many accessories.  If you are completely lost you can also simply fill out our estimate request form. A representative will visit your home and guide you through the process step-by-step.

What preparations need to be made in order to install the new siding?

You will need to move items away from the house so we'll have room to work. We try to be as neat as possible and we never leave trash or any kind of mess at the work site. You will also want to remove pictures and items hanging or resting on the interior walls.

Will it be easy to clean my new siding?

Most of the time rain is enough to keep the siding clean. Occasionally you will want to use a garden hose and a soft brush to go over the siding to remove any buildup--especially for areas of your home that are shielded from the rain.

My home is brick, or doesn't currently have siding, can I put siding on now?

Yes. Vinyl siding can be used on just about any material.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. We offer traditional loans with fixed rates and from time to time we offer SAME-AS-CASH programs.

Do you recommend replacing my moisture barrier?

When we remove your old siding, it is possible that your current moisture barrier will be torn or otherwise damaged. If this happens, we will patch it for you, but it is a good idea to consider replacing it.

Will new siding effect the resale value of my home?

YES…Siding is one of the most cost-effective investments you can make to improve the value of your home.

When you refer to siding thickness, what considerations does that bring?

Siding thickness ranges from 0.038" to 0.050" depending on the product and manufacturer. A thickness of 0.044" is considered a premium thickness. A thicker product will typically lay nicer on the wall, giving a look of wood appearance. Vinyl siding is not an insulating product by itself so added thickness does not mean added insulation. Adding an insulating backer product to your siding installation is the best way to add insulation.

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